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Jayamala Stage in Southern Portion is Auspicious

These days, wedding season is on its peak. Good number of weddings are being solemnised these days. At every wedding function the Jayamala stage is the centre of attraction for guests and the family members as well. The family members involved in management of the wedding function put every effort so that the function finishes without any hurdle or complain by the guests.
However, on some occasions, there is some sort of confrontation on petty issues. This awkward situation can be avoided with few precautionary steps in accordance with Vaastu tips. Jaymala stage is the place to begin with this effort. Vaastu steps suggest making of Jayamala stage towards southern portion of the wedding place.
The pandal should be made in such a manner that it stretches from north to south. Main entrance gate of the pandal should be made toward eastern or northern Ishaan direction to get the blessings of the almighty and also the nature supported positive energy. Centre place of the wedding venue is considered to be the Brahma sthan (the place of almighty).  Hence, for a hurdle-free  completion of the ceremony, the centre place should be kept free from any weight.  Pillars to support the pandal should be erected in minimum number in the centre place area. The northern portion should be neat and clean as it affects the sentiments. Kitchen of the function should be in south-east portion for good taste of the food.
To create and maintain positive energy, the pandal should always be decorated with fresh flowers. Red, pink and other bright colour flowers instead of white or black flowers create a cordial atmosphere at the wedding venue. The agnikund should be in south-east portion, while sitting arrangements for bride and the groom should be made in south-west direction. Sindoordaan in north-east is considered to be benefit.

Design of Newly-wed couple  Room

It is true that marital relations are fixed in heaven. But when it comes to worldly life, small efforts in accordance of Vaastu tips can make the life happier with good understanding and love between the couple.

Very often we come to know in our surroundings that the married life of couple has turned sour. This situation can be averted if certain tips for the bedroom are followed. When it comes to direction, north-west portion of a building is considered to be the best for the bed room of a couple, specially the newly-wed.  For stability in married life, the bed should be sticked with the wall. The wife should sleep towards left of the husband.                 

Use of mirror in the bed room is considered to be harmful. Mirror towards south and south-west leads to increase in sickness, confrontation and extra expense.  Off course, the mirror towards north, east or north-east gives some prosperity, name-fame and profit in day time. But the parts of body seen in the mirror while sleeping at night develop complications.

It is suggested to have wind chime of seven rods towards west outside the window. Crystal balls towards south-west corner also helps boost love and affection in a couple. 

Choked Drains cause hurdle in Economic Growth

The time is all set for onset of monsoon. This is time to be careful to ensure that there is no choked drain in the house and flow of water is smooth.

Sometimes, it is witnessed that the drain on roof top or in other portions of a house is choked and there is water logging on terrace. This is harmful for a smooth money inflow in the house and mental growth of the residents. Choked drains are directly concerned with money inflow. It is necessary to ensure that flow of water through the drains is not choked. It would be better to ensure flow of water towards North from South and toward East from West. The Drain towards North or East should especially not be choked.  By ensuring smooth flow of water through drains might also help in mental and financial growth of family members.

Not only in the house of an individual, but choked drains, water logging and heap of garbage loitered here and there are big hurdle in financial growth of people living in a city or particular locality of the city. Hence, everyone should be concerned and devoted to maintain cleanliness around the locality, where they live. This would not only boost economic growth of the people but also encourage harmony and brotherhood among the residents. In case there is fountain or a pond in the locality, cleanliness should be maintained there. If possible, installation of water fountain in the locality might be helpful to boost positivity in every aspect.

Auspicious Results of Plants and the Flowers

The drastic effect of Covid – 19 pandemic and the lockdown period has made many people inclined towards nature and the use of natural herbs to maintain good health. Hence, many people have started roof top gardening of herbs and some other medicinal plants, which can be grown in flower pots. But, if Vaastu tips are followed for selection of place for plantation and the category of plants, it might give better and auspicious results from different point of view including health, wealth, happiness in family, growth of children and more.

 If the recommendations of Vaastu is considered, plantation near main entrance of the house is considered to be auspicious. A well decorated entrance with plants and flowers leads to feeling of happiness and peace in the family. But one should be careful that any plant should not be placed in front of the entrance. People should also be careful to plant thorny plants and the plants of cactus category. People should also avoid plantation of guava and papaya plants on the campus, as it can create troubles for the family members. Inside the house or in the vicinity of the land plot, plantation of creepers, which grows upward, is considered to be auspicious. For example, the money plant growing upward is also considered auspicious. If there is a banana plant, the plant of Tulsi near it, is especially auspicious. Some other medicinal or general plants like Giloy and the flower plants of Juhi, Chameli, Beli, Champa, Jasmine are also considered to be auspicious. Like the good fragrance of the flower of these plants, happiness and good fate comes in the life of the family members.  

If there is space left after construction of the house, making a small pond in the Ishaan (north-east) portion leaving the main angle and plantation of lotus brings regular blessings of goddess lakshmi.  Coconut plant in the vicinity of the campus is also considered to be auspicious and it increases respect and dignity of the people living in the house. Plantation of emblica (Aanwala) vanishes negativity. It is considered that plantation of wood apple (Bel) results in blessings of goddess Lakshmi in the family for many years.   

Selection of right plot for success of  Industrial unit.

At a time when several existing big or small industrial units are struggling for revival in view of the crisis due to effect of Covid – 19 pandemic, here are some Vaastu tips, which can prove to be beneficial for growth of an existing or the proposed new unit. Firstly, selection of land plot for setting up the unit is important. Selection of the land plot should be made keeping in mind, the nature of the plot. The plot should be alive one, where trees and the plants are always green and yield of crops is good. Barren land is considered as a dead plot, which is not fit for setting up an industrial unit. It should also be ensured that there is no crematorium (burning ghat) or graveyard nearby.  The plot should be square or rectangular in shape with all the corners making right angle. None of the corners should have extended portion except the Ishaan (north-east) portion, which is an exception. It is always better to keep north-east portion open and free from any weight for growth and prosperity. Any construction in this area should be avoided. Similarly, north-west (Vayavya) should also not be closed with any construction.

Tips for success

· Towards East, North or North-East of an industrial plot, existence of a well, hand pump and other underground water fetching arrangement or installation of a water fountain is considered to be auspicious. The water storage tank on roof top should be made towards West, South-West or the North-West (Vayavya).

· Main entrance of the unit should be in East, North or towards North-East (Ishaan).

·  Sitting arrangement for owner of the unit should be made so that his/her face is towards East or North.

·  Store for manufactured items should be in north-west. At the same time, South-West (Nairitya) is the better place for storage of heavy and useless materials.

· Fencing of an industrial plot towards South and West should be of concrete and the stones, while fencing of Northern and the Eastern sides can be done from barb wire.

· Slope of the plot should always be towards North or East. Slope of the roof of the building where manufacturing unit is functional, should also be towards North or East. In case the slope is towards West, such units mostly run in loss.

 · Remedy without any demolition or alteration is also possible in an existing unit with installation and use of Vaastu correction devices     and following other certa

Puja Room at Right Place

Deities and the Planets shower their blessings.

In almost all the houses, there is a separate room, which is called Puja room. It is considered that puja room is the place of deities. It is important to know, which is the right place in the house to have puja room, so that deities and the planets shower their blessings upon family members.

Appropriate Place for Puja Room

·       North-East (Ishaan) is considered to be the most appropriate place for puja room.

·       If space is not left in North-East, the puja room can be built in West also.

·       Puja room in West is considered to be the best for daily puja performed by the family members individually.

·  On the occasion of any festival, special puja, havan can be performed in courtyard of the house.

·   For blessings of deities and the planets, the person performing puja should have face towards East or the West. It means, the idols of deities should be in East or the West.

Inappropriate Place for Puja Room

·  One should be careful that puja room should not be in the bed room because bed room is considered to be the place of Venus, the planet of materialism and luxury.

· Puja Room should not be adjacent to the kitchen because Mars is considered to be having its place in the kitchen. Because Mars is an aggressive planet, by its effect peace and concentration of the individuals engaged in performing puja might be affected.                            

 ·   Puja Room should also not be adjacent to, or in front of the toilet, because Rahu has its dominance upon toilet place

·   Desecrated Idols of deities or picture of departed souls should not be kept in the puja room.

 · The Idols made from Paper, Aluminium or Glass should not be placed in the Puja Room.

Happiness Enters From The Right Entrance

Morning shows the Day. Similarly, entrance of a house reflects the status of the house owner. Main entrance at right place might lead to good health, financial soundness and happiness among the family members. In every plot, some portions are considered to be auspicious for entrance, while some portions are avoidable due to their evil nature or result. Following are the suggestions for selection of the right place for the main entrance of a house :-

Northern Ishaan (North-East of North) : Main entrance in this direction is considered to be showered with blessings of the almighty

                                                                            and bringing good fortune for the family members.

Eastern Ishaan (North-East of East) :     Entrance in this direction is considered to having  growth in children, who happen to be

                                                                            meritorious, knowledgeable and scholars.

Southern Aagneya ((South-East of South) : Entrance of a house in this direction is considered to be auspicious for female members

                                                                                   of the family.

Western Vayavya (North-West of West) :  Entrance towards North-West is considered to be auspicious and wellbeing of the family


North-West of North : Entrance in this direction results in instability and low confidence among the family members.

Eastern Aagneya (South-East of East) : Entrance of a house in this portion is considered to be of low quality.

Southern Nairitya (South-West of South) : Entrance in this portion of a house is considered to be inauspicious and it causes


                                                                               loss and poor health of women living in the house.  

Western Nairitya (South-West of West): Making the main entrance in this portion is considered to be harmful for male members in the

                                                                             family. it is considered that the age of house owner is short lived and also face troubles in

                                                                             professional growth.  

Bedroom in North-East might lead to prolonged Ailments

Sound sleep is the most important part of a human life, which is important for good physical as well as mental growth of a person. Bedroom at right place in the house is very important from this point of view. Simultaneously, Sleeping posture is also very important.

Following are some Vastu tips, which would help in selection of the right place for a Bedroom:

*North-East is considered to be the place of the almighty. This portion is considered to have dominance of Jupiter.       

  Therefore bedroom should not be made in this portion because Venus has dominance over sleeping pleasure and

   luxurious life.

·   Bedroom in the middle of house is also not good. Middle being the place of Brahma, it heaves lot of energy. Therefore, this place is also not

      considered to be appropriate to get relaxed and mental peace.

·   Bedroom in North-West for unmarried children and the guests is considered to be good. Girls sleeping in such bedroom have possibility to get

      married soon. Moon is master of this direction, which facilitates early marriage possibility and change in place.

·   Bedroom of children in North-West reduces concentration towards studies and increases playfulness.

*South-West is appropriate for bedroom of head of the family. This direction represents earth elements. Therefore 

   Bedroom in this portion gives stability and helps head of the family to take concrete decision.


Ideal Place For Stairs in a House

Stairs at right place in a house not only ensure access to upper portions of a house or a multi-storied building but also success in the life of people living there.

Vastu tips for construction of stairs in a house. :

• Original West, original South, and the South-West are considered to be ideal place for construction of stairs.
• Stairs in South-West are considered more auspicious.
• As an alternate option, stairs can be built in West .
• Stairs in Ishaan (North-East) angle is considered inauspicious. It results in financial loss in business and debt on
the head of family head.
• Stairs in South-East or North of North-West leads to health problems in children and makes them mentally sick.
• Circle like stairs rolling around the house are considered inauspicious.
• Bedroom, guest room, puja room or toilet should not be made below the stairs.



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